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MAP Monitoring.

Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) is the practice where distributors agree to promote a manufacturer's products at certain prices. We let you know which retailers violate the practice and when they did it. 


Find out what products in the market are sold at which retailers, as well as when they were added or removed from the product assortment.

Distribution Strategy.

Identify In-Store stock levels for individual products and exactly how many stores from each retailer has the product on the shelf.

Product Pricing.

Detect pricing information for any product, at any retailer, at any point in time.

Sales Promotions.

Know the type of promotions brands have launched for their products at each retailer, over any period of time.

Ratings & Reviews.

Discover how many reviews a product has, trends in ratings over time, and view comments from users at all retailers.


Have a good grasp of the market leaders at the product and brand level. Compare between periods of time and see where you stand with your competitors.

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