Competitive intelligence for brands/retailers.

Competitive intelligence for brands/retailers.

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Understand the brick-and-mortar retail landscape.

Retail Store Insights

Understand the online retail landscape.

eCommerce Insights

A quicker and easier way to capture in-store data.

In-Store Audit App

The RetSKU App: Fastest Way To Collect Store Data

Offline & Online.
In a single platform.

Offline & Online.
In a single platform.

RetSKU collects and combines this data into one platform.
Less troublesome. More efficient.

Integrate your data with our proprietary data.

Access all of the data in a single platform. It’s never been this simple.

Track your products.

See how your products are doing at any retailer. Anywhere. Anytime.

Insights: How did my in-store sales in region A compare to my in-store sales in region B?

Spy on your

See how your competitors are doing & compare your performance with them.

Insights: What % of shelf space does my competitor have compared to me?

Clear & direct dashboards.

Data is summarized, connected and grouped.
View it any way you like.

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Know what's going on. Immediately.

Instantly receive emails when things change. Never be surprised again.

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